Ematik Eyes

The kit for the treatment of eye diseases

A complete treatment in one kit

The eyes of the animals can be affected by serious pathologies, from superficial irritations often caused by foreign bodies, up to ocular ulcers that endanger the sight of the dog and the horse. For these problems we created Ematik Eyes, a product for eye diseases.


A product for the eyes

Ematik eyes is easy to prepare and the owner of the animal can administer independently the product, as a normal eye drop

The problem, a predisposition

Brachycephalic dogs, are among those most exposed to eye ulcers, the main causes, due to the conformation of the skull, and the increased exposure of the eye, make these dogs the main recipients of:

• Dry eye syndrome
• Trauma from foreign bodies
• Eye ulcers


Blood derivatives can help us to intervene quickly on the problem and avoid an aggravation of the disease. The use of Ematik Eyes allows a quick healing and without scars, in order to maintain the transparency of the cornea and a complete vision.

Ematik Eyes

• Speeds up the tissue repair
• Reduces inflammation
• Avoid the formation of scars

How it works

How it works

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